Building Design Architectural Services

The diverse experience of Michels & Waldron Associates affords a broad spectrum of architectural services to our clients. An extensive portfolio of projects runs from the planning and design of multi-story residential towers to single-family homes, from new mixed-use, retail, office, hotel and industrial facilities to the interior renovations of those already long-standing, and from the design of state-of-the-art distribution facilities to the innovative, adaptive re-use of older hospital facilities and other structures now considered functionally obsolete for their original purpose.

Through the utilization of energy efficient ‘green’ materials and systems, coupled with the ability to capture the client’s thoughts and ideas in their project’s architecture, the result is embodied in a design that is captivating and unique in its appearance, yet efficient to operate and ‘friendly’ to both its occupants and the environment.

Realizing that a building is not a development by itself and must fit into its surroundings, Michels & Waldron Associates offers to better and completely serve the client by bringing together a Project Development Team that will design all phases of the project from both architectural and engineering perspectives. Landscape architecture, civil, geotechnical and structural engineering, and wetland/floodplain management are but some of those services that can embody a full-service design team guided by Michels & Waldron Associates.